Sports Injuries

At Far North Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism in managing both acute and overuse sports injuries.  With our extensive background in both elite and community sport, we know how to get you back doing what you love.  Far North Physiotherapy is the go-to sports physio clinic in Cairns and are the official Physiotherapists for the Northern Pride.  Understanding each sport and the demands on the body is an integral part of tailoring an appropriate rehab program and return to sport plan.  Our team has extensive experience across a large number of elite, semi-professional and community sports as listed below.   

Acute & Chronic Spinal Conditions

Is neck pain or low back pain wearing you down?  Have you tried every sort of therapy and been to multiple physios without results?  Come and see the physio that other physios in Cairns refer their difficult clients to and experience the relief you have been searching for.  At Far North Physiotherapy we provide expert care and personalised treatment plans tailored to your needs.  Whether you’re dealing with back pain, herniated discs, post-surgery rehabilitation or other spinal conditions, we’re committed to helping you regain your mobility and live life the way you want to.  Discover the path to a healthier spine with our patient centred approach – schedule your appointment with us today. 

Some of the teams we have worked with include:

-        Northern Pride 2023-Present

-        Papua New Guinea Kumuls Rugby League Team 2015-Present

-        Manunda Hawks AFL team 2017

-        Papua New Guinea Olympic team

-     Sports Medicine Manager for High Performance Sport PNG 2015-2016

-        Papua New Guinea Commonwealth games team

-        Pacific Games 2015

-        Youth Commonwealth Games 2015 & 2017

-        Olympic Sprinters

-        Olympic Weightlifters

-        Olympic Swimmers

-        Papua New Guinea Barramundi’s Cricket Team 2015-2016

-        Papua New Guinea Puk Puk’s Rugby Union & Rugby 7’s teams 2014-2016

-        Papua New Guinea Pepe’s Netball Team 2015-2016

-        Papua New Guinea Palai’s Womens Rugby Union team 2014-2016

-        International Level Cross fit athletes

-        Southport Sharks AFL team 2010-2014

-        South Coast Hockey 2010-2014

-        Labrador Hockey 2010-2014

-        Australian Universities Rugby League team 2007-2008

-        St Peters Lutheran College Rugby Union team 2006-2010

TMJ Dysfunction

(Temporomandibular Joint)

Do you suffer from jaw pain or TMJ dysfunction?  Far North Physiotherapy in Cairns has the expertise to assess and identify the underlying cause of your symptoms.  TMJ pain can have a significant impact on your life, affecting eating, laughing, breathing and interrupting sleep.  Treatment for TMJ can include a range of techniques such as soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, dry needling, education and advice, and exercises.  We have the knowledge and skills to reduce pain and restore function of your TMJ. 

Dry Needling

With 17 years of dry needling experience our Director / Physiotherapist Simon Morris has developed the clinical reasoning and understanding of which clients and injuries dry needling is most appropriate for.  Understanding pathology and individual needs is key when determining the most appropriate treatment method.  Dry needling has many benefits as an adjunct to therapy.  Some of those benefits include pain relief, increasing blood flow, reducing muscle spasm and reducing inflammation.  If you are interested in dry needling, book an appointment to discuss with your physio to see if it is appropriate for you and your situation.